Hypnotherapy & CBT in the news

For interest, this page lists news articles about hypnotherapy and CBT.


Hypnotherapy can help irritable bowel syndrome (BBC)

My week: hypnotherapist Dominic Knight (Guardian)

Should I try hypnosis (BBC)

The Top Six Myths About Hypnotherapy (Huffpost)

Stressed Out? How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Feel More Breezy (Huffpost)

Hypnosis to quit smoking

Is hypnosis real science? (Time)

How hypnosis really works (Time)

World’s first deep brain surgery using hypnosis instead of anaesthetic cures elderly patient’s trembling hands (Mirror)

I tried digital hypnotherapy… Could it work for you too? (Cosmopolitan)


How does cognitive behavioral therapy work? (Medical News Today)

Cognitive behavioural therapy ‘can reduce depression’ (BBC)

Therapy ‘has long-term benefits for mothers with depression’ (Guardian)

CBT for social anxiety may have a protective effect on cells (Science daily)

How my daughter helped me overcome my MRI anxiety (Independent)

What is cognitive behavioural therapy and how does it work? (Independent)

Menopause symptoms can be curbed by cognitive behavioural therapy, trial finds (Independent)

Talking therapy may ease depression for people with dementia, study suggests (Independent)

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