Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is challenging, but extremely worthwhile. As well as the huge health benefits (on average non-smokers live ten years longer and have better health across their life) there are considerable financial benefits.

There are many options available to support smokers quitting. Research shows that hypnotherapy is one of the most effective.

The fee for the quit smoking programme is £85.

The Process

Step 1: Contact us and say you wish to stop smoking. We’ll send you an short questionnaire to complete to gather some background info.

Step 2: We’ll agree a date for the session. For quitting smoking we use a single two hour session (unlike other therapy, which is usually one hour). Research suggests the best day to do this is Tuesday so we recommend this but we can deliver on another day if needed. Please arrange payment to confirm the booking.

Step 3: About a week before the date, we’ll send you a few steps to complete in the week leading up the session. This may involve small changes to your routine for this week.

Step 4: Attend the session. There will be a menu of different techniques, including training, CBT and hypnotherapy. Based on your particular situation and needs we will suggest which ones would be right for you, but you can also choose for yourself what you think would help. In the session we will cover a number of them. We don’t need every single activity to work well, we just need some of them to address your needs.

We encourage you to drop us a line a month later to tell us how healthy you feel and how much money you have saved by not smoking.

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